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Topographic Survey Consultants in Orillia

The main purpose of a topographic survey is to collect survey data about both the natural and man-made features of the land, as well as its elevations. It is a detailed and accurate two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional world.


There are multiple features involved in marking the physical attributes of the land in the topographic survey. Common elements such as peaks, valleys, and streams are identified with the help of contours and utility lines. If you are involved in urban planning, resource management, surveying, establishing legal boundaries, land ownership and more, an accurate topographic survey can help you determine all the required factors before beginning the construction work. At Dearden and Stanton Limited , we offer professional topographic surveys in Orillia and surrounding areas.

Why Do You Need a Topographic Survey?

A topographical survey is especially beneficial for large construction companies. Before you begin the project, you can have a complete idea of the land and its elements so that you can foresee and prevent risks beforehand.


Here are some additional reasons why they are beneficial:

  • It helps you create effective and suitable construction plans for your architectural projects.
  • They can help identify the faults in the terrain, which you could use to spots where construction will be complex.
  • Act as a guide for setting upgrades or drainage ditches


Our Process

We are well-equipped with the latest technology to carry out the topographic survey. We use Global Positioning System (GPS) instrumentation, total station and other electronic data recording devices to conduct our survey.


Our wide array of services also include boundary surveys, lot grading plans, stormwater management, surveyor’s real property report and more. You can count on us for all your land surveying requirements.


Why Choose Us?

At Dearden and Stanton Limited, we can provide you with comprehensive land surveying for your property before you start construction on your property. Our professional surveyors can provide you with an accurate and precise survey of your land in a timely manner. Over the years, we have been able to establish ourselves as the trusted surveying partners of Orillia. 

Contact Us Today

If you need a professional topographic surveyor in Orillia, reach out to Dearden and Stanton Limited today. Contact us to learn more and book an appointment with our team.

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