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Equipment and Software Used at Dearden and Stanton Limited

It is always difficult when it comes to keeping up with the latest technology, but at Dearden and Stanton Limited we are focused on staying current with the latest in Global Positioning System (GPS) instrumentation, Total Station and electronic data recording devices and computer generated plans. To learn more, contact Dearden and Stanton Limited .


  • RTK Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Static GPS Stations
  • Reflectorless EDM built into a Sokkia Total Station 
  • Sokkia Data Collectors
  • Trimble Data Collectors with Onboard Coordinate Geometry Software
  • Digital Automatic Levels 
  • Reflector Based Total Stations 
  • Robotic Total Station Systems


  • AutoCAD (Softdesk)
  • HP calculators with COGO software
  • Land Development Desktop
  • Microsurvey
  • Civil 3D Design Companion
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