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Dearden and Stanton Limited has been providing land surveying services to clients throughout Ontario since our incorporation in 1964. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the most current advances of technology in the industry. By combining computerized and GPS based data acquisition with customized CAD capabilities, we are able to deliver cost-effective and efficient services. We also have an extensive list of historical land survey records in Ontario dating back to as early as the mid-1800s. For more information about the services we offer, please contact us today. Are you thinking of starting on a project? We also encourage you to use the Request and Estimate eform found on this page.

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Property Information

Property Owner's Name

Property Address*

Municipality (City/Town/Township)


Concession Number/Registered Plan Number

Part of Plan

Plan Number. (For example: Part 1 of Plan 55R-56789)

Reference Plan

Parcel Identification Number (P.I.N.)

Reason for Survey/Type of Survey Required

Contact Information

89 Coldwater Street East

Orillia, ON L3V 1W8


Phone: 705-325-9521

Toll Free: 800-461-0219

Fax:  705-325-0241


Tip: Be sure to provide any additional information that you think might be of assistance to us. That could include information about approximate lot size, dimensions, terrain type and more.

      Tip: Is the property decried as All or part of Lot on a Reference Plan? If so, please provide the Part and Plan Number. (For example: Part 1 of Plan 55R-56789)

Tip: You can find the legal description of the property on your tax bill. By providing more detailed information about your land and needs it will enable us to better prepare your estimate. For any questions or assistance, please contact us.

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