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Ontario Land Surveyors/Consulting Engineers

Canada Lands Surveyors

Company History and Historical Notes and Records

At Dearden and Stanton, we have acquired the historical notes and land survey records of the following surveyors in Orillia and surrounding areas:

  • Cavana and Watson, O.L.S. (1877 – 1933)
  • C. Fitton, O.L.S. (1873 – 1925)
  • F.W. Armstrong, P.L.S. (1868 – 1894)
  • P.B. Burnet, P.L.S. (1862 – 1891)
  • J.M. Watson, O.L.S. (1895 – 1937)
  • E.L. Cavana, O.L.S. (1923 – 1964)
  • C.P. O’Dale and Pottage Ltd. (1972 – 2003)
  • A. Fowlie (1863 – 1881)
  • W.E. Yarnold
  • H.D. Lumsden (1868 – 1880)
  • L.M. McNeice, O.L.S.
  • McNeice, Harvey, D’Amico Surveyors

Company History

Charles Edward Fitton, O.L.S., D.L.S. (1858-1937) articled to Cannon F.W. Armstrong, P.L.S. in Orillia. Mr. John McCormick Watson, O.L.S. (1870-1955) articled to Mr. Peter Burnet, O.L.S. in Orillia and joined the survey practice of C.E. Fitton, O.L.S., D.L.S. in 1897. Mr. Watson formed a partnership with Allan G. Cavana, O.L.S., D.L.S. who was commissioned in July of 1887 and died March 17, 1946. The firm Cavana and Watson practiced in Orillia for many years. Mr. Ernest Leopold Cavana. B.Sc., O.L.S., P.Eng, MEIC (1893-1971) articled to his father A.G. Cavana and practiced in the Orillia area until the mid-1960s. Dearden and Stanton own the notes and records of all of the above.
Mr. James D. Dearden, O.L.S., P.Eng was commissioned as an Ontario Land Surveyor in 1954 and worked in the Orillia area throughout his career. Mr. Dearden married Elinor Cavana, the daughter of E.L. Cavana. Mr. Dearden and Mr. Cavana shared office space on West Street in Orillia. In 1964 James D. Dearden and John A. Stanton formed the partnership “Dearden & Stanton” which was later incorporated as Dearden and Stanton Ltd. Mr. Dearden retired in 1976. J.Chester Stanton articled to John A. Stanton and received his commission in 1985 and became a partner in the firm. John A. Stanton retired in 1994. The firm is now operating under the direction of Mr. J. Chester Stanton, B.Sc., O.L.S., C.L.S. and Mr. Jeffrey J. Marshall, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. Dearden and Stanton retains notes and records dating back to the mid 1800’s for Orillia and surrounding areas.
Dearden and Stanton purchased the records of O’Dale and Pottage Limited in Midland in 2003. These records include Charlie O’Dale’s and John Pottage’s. We maintain an office in Midland and continue to provide services to O’Dale and Pottage Ltd. clients.
In 2010, Dearden and Stanton Limited purchased the notes and records of McNiece, Harvey, D’Amico Surveyors Limited. These records also include those of L.M. McNiece, O.L.S. The staff from McNiece, Harvey, D’Amico have joined Dearden and Stanton’s work force.


ACLS AATC Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Member Professional Surveyors Canada Consulting Engineers of Ontario


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