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Meet the Team From Dearden and Stanton Limited

On this page, you’ll find information about the team here at Dearden and Stanton Limited. For more information about the services we offer, contact us today.

Professional Staff

J. Chester Stanton , MBA, B.Sc., O.L.S., C.L.S., O.L.I.P.
Commissioned in 1984 as an O.L.S.
Commissioned in 1995 as a C.L.S.

Jim Even , B.Sc., O.L.S.
Commissioned in 1997 as an O.L.S.

Support Staff


Our Field Technicians pride themselves on the accurate and efficient manner in which they collect data. Their many years of combined experience gives them a vast knowledge in all aspects of global positioning surveying.


Our CAD Operators/Technicians ensure that their “masterpieces” are done accurately by working with the Field Technicians and the data collected by them.

Our Support Staff works hard to ensure that timelines are being met and that all customers receive the quality service they deserve.

All staff at Dearden and Stanton Limited follow the Code of Ethics as outlined by the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors.


The code of Ontario Land Surveyors states that every member shall:

  • Conduct his or her professional and private affairs in such a manner as to maintain public trust and confidence in the profession.
  • Abide by the standards of Practice.
  • Follow a program of continuing education and maintain a level of proficiency that will meet the needs of the public.
  • Preserve the confidence of the clients and regard as privileged information obtained in respect of clients’ affairs.
  • Ensure that the clients are aware of the complexity of the type of surveys recommended and the nature of fees for service.
  • By signing a survey plan, certify that it complies with all relevant legislative requirements and all standards of the Association.
  • Not receive compensation for the same service from more than one person without the consent of the persons involved.


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