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Dearden and Stanton Limited present an exceptional solution for mortgage surveys in Orillia, setting a benchmark for accuracy and reliability in property assessment. With a deep understanding of the local real estate landscape, our company offers comprehensive mortgage surveys that provide invaluable insights to homebuyers and lenders. Our team, leveraging expertise and cutting-edge technology, meticulously examines properties, identifying potential boundary discrepancies or land use concerns. Our commitment to delivering thorough and precise surveys facilitates smooth real estate transactions. It also offers peace of mind to clients, knowing they have access to trustworthy information for their investment decisions.


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A mortgage survey, primarily conducted for the lender's benefit, evaluates the property's value concerning the asking price with a defined scope. Its main objective is to furnish the bank or lender with essential information to assess whether the property holds sufficient value to serve as suitable collateral for the applied mortgage amount. While its primary focus is on the lender's interest, a mortgage valuation can also benefit the buyer. By offering insight into the property's value, it aids in gauging whether the buyer might be making an appropriate investment or if adjustments are necessary in terms of the property's price.


Mortgage inspection

Why Choose Us for Mortgage Surveys in Orillia?


Regarding mortgage surveys in Orillia, choosing us is a decision marked by expertise and reliability. Our Dearden and Stanton Limited team is dedicated to providing meticulous and comprehensive surveys that offer invaluable insights for homebuyers and lenders. With a profound understanding of the local real estate landscape, we bring a tailored approach to each survey, ensuring accuracy in property assessment. Our commitment extends beyond meeting lender requirements; we aim to empower buyers with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions. By selecting us, you gain access to trustworthy information that facilitates seamless real estate transactions and instills confidence in your property choices.



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