Our firm offers a variety of services in both the Engineering and Surveying fields.

Consulting Services

The following is a list of some of the Consulting Services offered by Dearden and Stanton Limited:

Preliminary Design
Detailed Design and Approvals
Site Servicing
Storm Water Management
Construction Cost Estimates
Construction Layout and Supervision
Service Testing & Certification
Development Agreements
Pre-Engineering Mapping
Tender Process
Project Management


Surveying Services

The following is a list of some of the Surveying Services offered by Dearden and Stanton Limited:

Crown Land Surveys (Provincial and Federal)
Draft Plan of Subdivision
Conversion to Absolute Land Titles
Topographical Surveys
Property Surveys
Mortgage Surveys
Reference Plans
Establish Boundaries
Condominium Plans
Draft Plans of Condominium
Legal Plans
Canada Lands Surveys
Indian Reserves
Natural Resources Canada Federal Lands
Construction Layout
Integrated Surveys

We understand that each project is different and will work with you to ensure that you receive the services that you require.


Below are descriptions and illustrations of the more commonly requested services offered by Dearden and Stanton Limited.

Surveyors Real Property Report

A SRPR is an as-built survey of new and existing structures detailing the boundaries of the property and any rights of ways, encroachments or easements that may affect your property.  Included with a SRPR is a drawing and a written report outlining any points of interest in regards to your property.  A SRPR is most commonly needed when buying or selling a property or when trying to settle a boundary dispute.





Reference Plan

An R-Plan illustrates existing boundaries or can be used to depict new boundaries created by severance.  The final Plan of Survey defines the legal limits and/or boundaries of the property and is deposited in the local Land Registry Office.





M Plan (Plan of Subdivision)

An M Plan is used to create a large number of lots within a parcel of land in which the boundary of the property has been certified.  Once an M Plan is registered the original property fabric is replaced by the new property identification.





Topographic Survey

A Topographic Survey is a document prepared from field data that defines the horizontal and vertical position of surface and underground features in and around a subject property.  A topographic plan can be used by the architect and/or engineer to complete lot grading, site servicing and/or storm water management design for the property.





Lot Grading Plan

A  Lot Grading Plan is a preconstruction design document required prior to issuance of a building permit that precisely defines the horizontal and vertical positioning of proposed structures and other improvements on a property.  This allows the municipality to confirm the suitability of the proposed grading and drainage patterns after construction and provides a guideline document to verifty the conformance of construction while in progress, and when completed.




Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management design defines the method of drainage collection and control, including both rate and quality contol, and ensures that released drainage does not damage private or municipal property, minimizes or eliminates flooding or impacts to the groundwater table or downstream drainage systems, prevents erosion or pollution, and does not negatively impact aquatic life or habitat.  Storm Water Management requirements are often site specific depending on the watershed, approval authority’s specifications and the methods of storm drainage controls proposed.